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The website everydaystunner.com was started in 2020 by Great Grand and Ama Joyce, a Microbiologist and a Fashion lover who finds joy in seeing the normal Lady stay exceptionally beautiful, this was due to the inborn gifts they possessed that led on after various research to the creation of everyday stunner.

EVERY DAY STUNNER is your one-stop source for fashion, beauty, celebrity, and lifestyle content that informs and entertains you, for example, there is a new trend in the fashion industry; you will get all the info right here.
Not only just information about fashion but also about celebrities, entertainment, and an online shop for all beauty products.

We provide valuable and unique content so that our valuable audience will never be left behind in any category.

We create various types of content like news articles on trending topics, blogs, descriptions, steps to do, suggestions, and advice on all the topics we mentioned.

At EveryDay Stunner, all we care about is that our audience constantly stays updated about various topics. So that they can follow a lifestyle they like, not the one society decides for them.

EVERYDAY STUNNER is all you need to be a sparkle in this society and live your life on your terms.

Why EveryDay Stunner?

The average lady out there are poised with a lot of questions, fears, doubts and so much more way down to depression. This is majorly caused by the fact they are unable to appreciate their looks, after so many researches during my study years, I decided to create this wonderful platform where the average lady can turn herself into an endless bag of positive impressions!

Some of the services we provide include:

Our Editorial Team

Here you will find our reputable team of editors who work devotedly to bring you great contents that will help shape your life to become an EveryDay Stunner.

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Hello, Meet

M Faizan Riasat, Senior, Entertainment News Editor.

Muhammad Faizan Riasat  joined EveryDay Stunner‘s team as the Head of Celebrity and Entertainment News Editor in April 2022. He is covering celebrity/entertainment news. He graduated in 2022 from the Govt. Postgraduate College Samanabad Faisalabad where he studied BS Honors in Chemistry.

He is originally from Pakistan. In his spare time, he enjoys performing comedy with his friends and family, and endlessly scrolling through social media, these inborn gifts has aided in to be a very great tool to bring EveryDay Stunner to it’s current height.

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Hello, Meet

Dure Saman, Lifestyle, Author and Editor.

Dure Saman is experienced Lifestyle Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. Skilled in Research, Web Content Writing, News Writing, Psychological Writing and General Writing.

She has a very strong media and communication passion, very professional with an Urge to pen the prevailing issues of the society and other interesting topics in accordance with the tendency to have a closer look on the social issues as a she is focused in understanding psychology.

She has been writing since 2019, worked for Fajar Mag as an Author and Editor and currently works for EveryDay Stunner as a lifestyle writer with a strong background of Undergraduate Bsc Hons Clinical Psychology From Government College University Lahore, Pakistan.

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Hello, Meet

Vikash Choudhary, DIY's and WebStory, Editor.

Vikash has been working in media for over a couple of years and joined EveryDay Stunner‘s team as the Writer in 2022. He has been creating wonderful contents that has been of immense value to all our users and he is highly experienced in creating entertaining web stories for our users.

He graduated with B.A. degrees in Economics and History from Rajasthan University(India) and has been a great tool in suggesting economic and growth ideas for our team along side the head manager.

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Katumalla Prashanth, Fashion and Beauty, Editor.

Katumalla Prashanth started as a writer for his college newsletter, where he wrote several articles about things happening in college, developments, promotional content, news on career opportunities, etc. He Edited and updated the content regularly.

After graduation, he discovered that he was passionate about writing; he also liked the fashion industry. So, he started as a freelance content writer and worked on various projects, and then he joined our team as a fashion and beauty content creator as he was amazed by our content and wanted to be a part of it.

He is a resident of Hyderabad, India, who graduated from IARE with a B.tech degree in ECE.

Our Senior Management Team

You will be able to learn who is behind the management and optimization of EveryDay Stunner Company.

Great Grand
Hello, Meet

Great Grand, General Manager, SEO Specialist.

Great Grand is the founder of EveryDay Stunner website he has passion for the Fashion and Beauty industry which was what led him to get skilled as a Web Developer and he created EveryDay Stunner.

In the early years he took various SEO courses and horned his skills that helped him currently to optimize EveryDay Stunner for the best performance on search engine result pages, he has developed and worked on an education website which helped students gain scholarships to study in various countries of their choices, he also aided Job seekers get recruited swiftly by their employers on the same project.

He has been to several countries including Germany where EveryDay Stunner was founded and United States all on incognito, interestingly he is a graduate with a B.Eng. in ECE.

He has currently developed Webstories – A website where we create Web Stories on trending topics and educative information, Trends – This is a website where we create meaningful contents on every latest business, finance and Technology for our users to remain educated and shape their life the more, and lastly an Ecommerce Shop for EveryDay Stunner where our users swiftly purchase quality and price optimized fashion and beauty products.

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