Michael Bay is eager for the Will Smith slap to be forgotten.

Michael Bay and Will Smith.
Michael Bay and Will Smith.
“So I really don’t care,” Bay told Yahoo. “It wasn’t right. I’ve worked with him. He is not that guy. I’ve never seen him lose his cool like that.”
Like many who saw Smith slap Chris Rock on stage at this year’s Academy Awards, Bay said he initially thought the incident was planned.
Especially because Bay said he’s “been on set when Will screws with people, joking with people.”
The director said he didn’t watch the hit live, but plenty of people texted him about it and he’s aware that it’s a hot topic.
Bay suggested that there are more important topics that deserve more attention.
“Hollywood gets very self-absorbed,” Bay said. “There are babies getting blown up in Ukraine right now. We should be talking about that.”