Sandra Pankhurst, the founder of a trauma cleaning service whose own life experience would leave many people damaged beyond repair, is the inspirational subject of Lachlan McLeod’s documentary.

The director documents José Andrés' journey from acclaimed culinary superstar to globe-trotting humanitarian.

Director Jeff Malmberg and producer Morgan Neville delve into the origins and evolutions of Mickey Mouse for this future Disney+ release.

In her directorial debut documentary, Gillian Jacobs explores an international community of high-school students competing to build robots.

Through his friendship with an unorthodox young Buddhist monk, a first-time filmmaker explores his fear of revealing his true self to his devout Muslim parents.

Reg Harkema's doc reintroduces one of sketch comedy's most loved and influential troupes.

A small town in Michigan, home of director David Siev's family and their restaurant, is the setting of Siev's documentary about the American Dream and the impacts of COVID-19.

In Halina Reijn’s second feature, a group of wealthy friends throw a party with fatal consequences.

The sci-fi dramedy stars Jim Gaffigan as a man who tries to build a rocket ship from the mysterious satellite that's crashed in his backyard, as strange events start to cast doubt on his reality.

A troupe of would-be pornographers make a poor location choice in Ti West's '70s-set slasher film starring Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth and Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi.